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Our Process


Our process engages both the behavioral and factual sides of investment planning because they contribute to one’s decision making abilities. Understanding the financial, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual sides of the process helps identify variables that could influence our client’s goals and strategy. From there, we integrate specific objectives needed to create a solid plan.


A financial strategy contains two parts; the plan itself and the tools used to get there. Creating the plan is extremely important, and often overlooked. We help implement comprehensive “roadmaps” that apply directly to our client’s life. On the investment side, our firm has developed strategic relationships with some of the foremost global money management firms. Believing there is not one successful strategy, we control how portfolios are built, and in which economic conditions they are applied.

Measure Results

Periodically reviewing the client’s financial plan is a key piece to help ensure we are on track with reaching their objectives. We actively monitor progress and modify the investments when needed. In the end, we know that the most important investment return is the one which is required to help them achieve success, not the latest headline on the street.