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Generational Wealth

Legacy planning is one of the most complex pieces in financial planning. It involves relationship management as much as it does wealth strategies. Putting together a successful generational wealth plan not only creates a significant feeling of gratification, but it gives true meaning to the word legacy for the family and often the community.

Case Profile

Tom and Carol have been truly blessed and have accumulated significant wealth. As they seek to establish and manage their family legacy, they have realized that overseeing their financial strategies can take up much of their time. Large decisions often need to be made, and it can feel overwhelming. Also, tax planning is becoming a significant piece of the puzzle, not only today, but as they plan for the future. They are working closely with their accountant and attorney, but need a professional to oversee their entire wealth strategy.*

*This example is for hypothetical purposes only. It is not intended to portray past or future investment performance for any specific investment.