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Investment Approach

When we think about the world of investing, it seems like the goal should be pretty simple: get the highest rate of return with the least amount of risk. After all, isn’t that what everyone claims to be doing? While this may be the case, studies have shown that the average investor has not even come close to maximizing returns. In addition, there seems to be a significant gap between the investments we seek and how they apply specifically to our plans.

For years, Lee Stoerzinger has studied what qualities make up solid long-term investment returns. There are the managers, costs, risk, style, time in the market, tax efficiency, holdings, etc. While all of these are important, Lee has found that the most important factors are allocation* (how the actual portfolio is built) and how they are applied to current economic conditions. With this in mind, these are the factors Lee underscores in working with our clients.

There are many great money managers in the world, each with unique sets of strengths. Lee Stoerzinger presents our clients with an approach which challenges many of his peers. He has developed strategic relationships with some of the foremost global money management firms on earth. In working closely with them, he creates a unique ability to custom build portfolios, yet using combinations of institutional money managers with global reach. Lee Stoerzinger controls how portfolios are built and in which economic conditions they are applied.

* Asset allocation does not guarantee positive results. Loss, including loss of principal may occur.