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Life Transitions

We often think of retirement as one of life’s biggest transitions, but there are many other experiences that give great cause for financial decisions. Whether it’s the death of a spouse, or years of hard work and success being passed to the next generation, these situations can be complex and highly emotional. Lee Stoerzinger understands this and looks to bring presence, clarity, and solid advice to make the right decisions at the right time.

Case Profile 1

After forty years of marriage, Diane recently lost her husband, James. In addition to dealing with her loss, she finds herself at her kitchen table, overwhelmed, and being faced with making significant financial decisions. Her husband always took the lead when it came to money, and now she feels she must go it alone.*

Case Profile 2

Joe spent the last thirty years building his manufacturing company, which now employs over one hundred people. Things are going well as he looks to create a plan to sell the business. There are many issues which must be addressed, including the best possible transition strategies, and how they fit into his personal income and tax planning needs. Most importantly, Joe takes pride in what he has built and wants to be assured his life’s work is continued.*

*These examples are for hypothetical purposes only. They are not intended to portray past or future investment performance for any specific investment.