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To give a greater understanding of what Lee Stoerzinger offers through his affiliation with United Planners Financial Services, the following hypothetical profiles demonstrate the situations he welcomes every day. While each story that comes to Lee Stoerzinger is unique, his expertise is in turning complexities into meaningful solutions for his clients.

Case Profile:

Retirement Income Planning

Steve and Betsy will retire in the next few years. As they look ahead, they await the flexibility and increased opportunity to live life to its fullest. Steve has accumulated quite a sum in his 401(k). He has employer stock and options plans, in addition to a traditional pension from a previous employer. Betsy has accumulated several plans from employers over the years, which she never consolidated. In addition to retirement income planning, they have questions about consolidating things, investing in general, taxes, the economy, when to take Social Security, health care, and estate planning. Learn More.

Case Profile:

Tax Efficiency Planning

Jason and Pam have always tried to keep up with the markets and investing in general. They enjoy it and have done fairly well. However, over the years, it seems like taxes have become just as important in their strategy. Jason, a senior manager, has a 401(k) with employer stock inside, plus he qualifies for several types of stock incentive plans. In addition, their investments seem to be generating lots of taxable income, which they don’t need right now. As they get into the retirement and legacy planning phase of their lives, they wonder about efficient distribution from all of their accounts, including their various IRAs, and how best to prepare their children in a tax efficient manner. Learn More.

Case Profile 1:

Life Transitions

After forty years of marriage, Diane recently lost her husband, James. In addition to dealing with her loss, she finds herself at her kitchen table, overwhelmed, and being faced with making significant financial decisions. Her husband always took the lead when it came to money, and now she feels she must go it alone. Learn More.

Case Profile 2:

Life Transitions

Joe spent the last thirty years building his manufacturing company, which now employs over one hundred people. Things are going well as he looks to create a plan to sell the business. There are many issues which must be addressed, including the best possible transition strategies, and how they fit into his personal income and tax planning needs. Most importantly, Joe takes pride in what he has built and wants to be assured his life’s work is continued. Learn More.

Case Profile:

Generational Wealth

Tom and Carol have been truly blessed and have accumulated significant wealth. As they seek to establish and manage their family legacy, they have realized that overseeing their financial strategies can take up much of their time. Large decisions often need to be made, and it can feel overwhelming. Also, tax planning is becoming a significant piece of the puzzle, not only today, but as they plan for the future. They are working closely with their accountant and attorney but need a professional to oversee their entire wealth strategy. Learn More.

These examples are for hypothetical purposes only. They are not intended to portray past or future investment performance for any specific investment.