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Retirement Income Planning

Lee Stoerzinger, Inc.

There is much talk about “saving for retirement,” but there is much less knowledge in the area of “living in retirement.” It is a time where completely different strategies need to be employed as the transition is made from the accumulation to the distribution phase of life. Lee Stoerzinger recognizes this, as he has been providing these solutions for two decades.

Case Profile

Steve and Betsy will retire in the next few years. As they look ahead, they await the flexibility and increased opportunity to live life to its fullest. Steve has accumulated quite a sum in his 401(k). He has employer stock and options plans, in addition to a traditional pension from a previous employer. Betsy has accumulated several plans from employers over the years, which she never consolidated. In addition to retirement income planning, they have questions about consolidating things, investing in general, taxes, the economy, when to take Social Security, health care, and estate planning.*

*This example is for hypothetical purposes only. It is not intended to portray past or future investment performance for any specific investment.